Saturday, August 11, 2012

Celebrate the Olympics - Win a Freebie

As I watch the Olympians compete, my writer's mind goes crazy.  I keep thinking about the stories behind each competitor, and the force of passion and motivation that runs deep through their veins. Who are they as people?  What is their backstory? What would their character arch look like if they sat and told me their life story? And what would Mello and Anna be doing if they were watching the games?  Anna, the total jock would be rooting for the US Women's Volleyball team big time.  I can hear her yelling at the TV every night the US volleys balls across the net.  Mello would probably be a little more like me, thinking about the stories behind the athetes and doing some philosphizing.

But seriously, are we not all completely blown away by it all? These people are truly are an illustration of how to follow your passion, pursue your dreams and push yourself to the limit each and every day. And to be honest, I will never complain about having a bad day at the computer, not able to pound out my 2000 words for whatever reason ever again, thanks to Oscar Pistorius inspiring me with his accomplishment of running in the Olympics with two prosthetic legs. So as we come into the final days of the games, I'd like to pay tribute to Oscar and all the athletes by giving away a print copy of my book.  All you have to do is enter below and wha-lah.  One lucky person will get a signed printed copy of my book in the mail.  Good luck everyone!

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