Monday, April 9, 2012


I'm thrilled to announce in about six weeks, my debut novel Wish I Could Have Said Goodbye will be released.  I'm excited, terrified and elated. Did I say I was excited?  Seriously, I'm totally thrilled to begin my career as a novelist.  It's a mind-blowing dream come true, something I knew I wanted to do since I was twelve.  The first story I ever wrote was when I was nine, for my big brother who was away at college.  It was about a bunch of animals going to the zoo.  The whole family's tearing apart basements and attics trying to find it.

So anyhow, enough gloating.  My posts will be brief for the next few weeks as I get the word out on book number one, while working away at book number two, All the World's a Stage which is scheduled for release in January 2013.   I also have several other projects in the works that are top-secret so I can't talk about them yet!

And if you want to see something super-totally-knock-your-socks-off-cool, check out a few baby eagles in the nest with their mother at

Stay tuned and stay real.